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CliniComp Recognized for Electronic Health Record Innovation in 8th Annual MedTech Breakthrough Awards Program
International Annual Awards Program Honors Standout Digital Health & Medical Technology Products and Companies SAN DIEGO – May 9, 2024 – MedTech Breakthrough, an independent...
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Becker’s Women in Health IT to Know | 2024

Sandra Johnson, Senior Vice President of Client Services at CliniComp. Leveraging 20 years of EHR delivery and optimization experience, Mrs. Johnson serves as senior vice…

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Watch the HITshow exclusive interview with Sandra Johnson, SVP Client Services at CliniComp

🎬 Exciting Update from #HIMSS24! 🎬 🌟 Watch the #HITshow exclusive interview with Sandra Johnson, SVP Client Services at CliniComp, as she unveils the latest…

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The ONC and Interoperability: Are We on the Right Path?

Aparna Bala, MSHI, RN, Sr. Product Manager, CliniComp shares with Health IT Answers, “Building a strong digital foundation in healthcare to realize interoperability of data…

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Exploring benefits of system-as-a-service EHR

Sandra Johnson, SVP, client services, talks about how CliniComp’s system-as-a-service EHR model reduces costs for clients through its subscription model and provides an accurate, accessible…

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HITea Heard in the Halls: Sandra Johnson on EHR Consolidation & Affordability

Sandra Johnson is Senior VP of Client Services, CliniComp, an innovative technology pioneer with a disruptive system-as-a-service solution that can solve the problems of adaptability,…

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Health IT Trends that Deserve More Attention

Kem shares with Healthcare IT Today, “In 2024, an exciting alternative for independent, community, and cost-conscious healthcare entities is a System as a Service (SYaaS)…

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