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Watch the HITshow exclusive interview with Sandra Johnson, SVP Client Services at CliniComp
🎬 Exciting Update from #HIMSS24! 🎬 🌟 Watch the #HITshow exclusive interview with Sandra Johnson, SVP Client Services at CliniComp, as she unveils the latest...
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The ONC and Interoperability: Are We on the Right Path?

Aparna Bala, MSHI, RN, Sr. Product Manager, CliniComp shares with Health IT Answers, “Building a strong digital foundation in healthcare to realize interoperability of data…

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Exploring benefits of system-as-a-service EHR

Sandra Johnson, SVP, client services, talks about how CliniComp’s system-as-a-service EHR model reduces costs for clients through its subscription model and provides an accurate, accessible…

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HITea Heard in the Halls: Sandra Johnson on EHR Consolidation & Affordability

Sandra Johnson is Senior VP of Client Services, CliniComp, an innovative technology pioneer with a disruptive system-as-a-service solution that can solve the problems of adaptability,…

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Unlocking Medical Device Potential: Data Integration Drives Better Patient Outcomes

The types of medical devices available and their use in patient care continue to accelerate. The medical devices market is anticipated to surpass $656B by 2032,…

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Leveraging Technology to Support Mental Health Care and Suicide Prevention for Veterans

CliniComp’s distinctive electronic health record system to support the mental health of veterans is discussed with Mary Russell, senior director of Clinical Implementation at CliniComp….

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Reducing Pregnancy Complications Through Staffing and Technology

“I think this is a huge question. For clinicians in this setting, we read stats like this and it lights a fire: what solutions can…

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