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EHRs and broken promises shouldn’t go hand in hand
By Sandra Johnson For years, healthcare provider organizations have invested billions in time and money on their electronic health records (EHR) systems, pushed forward by...
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Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli – Streamlining Clinician Workflows with Dr. Holly Urban
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Rethink Nursing Workflows to Relieve Burnout

Nurses consistently report that the ever-growing workload burden is a key factor behind their intent to leave the profession. In fact, more than 25% of registered…

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Can Health Tech Reduce US Healthcare Spending?

CliniComp’s Mary Russell, MJ, BS, RN, sheds light on how HealthTech can help reduce US Healthcare spending in HealthIT Answers. CliniComp provides an EHR system that helps lower costs &…

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Electronic Health Records Clinician Burnout and Generative AI with Dr. Holly Urban CliniComp

Dr. Holly Urban, the Vice President of Clinical Product Design at CliniComp, understands the need for a positive user experience for clinicians to use electronic…

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Roundups: 22 Recent Strategic Digital Health Partnerships

CliniComp and Oroville Hospital expanded its multi-year partnership beyond Perinatal areas to include Critical Care and high acuity Medical/Surgical units. The CliniComp system will provide Oroville…

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Technology & RCM & AI, Oh My!

Nancy Pratt, Senior Vice President, Clinical Product Development at CliniComp I believe the technology needs to provide better analytics so provider organizations can project revenue for…

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