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Human centered. Technology driven.

Transforming healthcare and the human experience through custom, affordable, and all-inclusive EHR solutions tailored to your hospital and patient needs.

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Elevate the healthcare experience.

Maximize your investment, increase efficiency, and ensure patient safety. Get a complimentary assessment of your existing IT systems and operations to significantly improve overall outcomes with solutions that are quick to implement.

Our team will meet with clinical, technical, and financial stakeholders to take a closer look at your unique systems and operations.

Our subject matter experts will assess your current technology for vulnerabilities, pain points, and opportunities for improvement.

We’ll recommend specific, tailored solutions to optimize outcomes and provide value for your investment that are quick to implement.

Our Promise

A system that won’t let you down.

We are there when you need us. Our drive for continual advancement has led to almost 40 years of innovative solutions, dedicated service, and complete support for our clients. Committed to transforming the industry through simple, secure, intelligent solutions, we’ll never stop overturning what isn’t working to improve healthcare for all.

About Us

What Sets Us Apart

Cutting edge technology. Affordable and easy to use.

To be competitive in the marketplace you need a healthcare technology disruptor that improves outcomes & revenue while decreasing costs. Quick to implement, count on CliniComp’s solutions to do it.

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Adaptable, Interoperable Architecture

Our foundational system architecture solves for adaptability, scalability, and reliability for real-time performance within a complete EHR offering. With a single, coherent, distributable database, it facilitates standardized communication between disparate systems. It’s adaptable to constant change and customizations without any data disruption. Quickly get the full picture of a patient’s health through fast, seamless device integration and data exchange for true interoperability.

Device Integration Platform

A complete data acquisition solution that doesn’t add significant cost to your organization. Our device integration automatically acquires data from common categories of medical devices including waveforms, giving you the ability to view real-time streaming data and improve the quality and efficiency of your workflows. We continually augment our system’s data acquisition functionality to interface with an ever-growing list of bedside devices.

Committed to ROI

Our cost structure transformation makes everything more efficient, so you can improve your overall outcomes-to-cost ratio. We are upfront and transparent about each and every service—there are no hidden costs for data acquisition, custom configurations, or support. Because we built our technology with quick and secure application integration, our pricing is more than competitive. Our technology includes easy-to-learn, streamlined workflows and virtually no downtime for added time efficiency, better use of healthcare resources, and ultimately, savings and confidence in your investment

Ensured, Lifetime Support

CliniComp offers fast implementation in months, not years. Our dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 to alleviate pressure and assist in all aspects of your system throughout its installed lifetime. Our subject matter experts do the heavy lifting, from testing to training and ongoing service, working with your existing workflows and customizing our highly configurable system to meet your needs. Our simple, intuitive interface makes it easy to train new users, manage and integrate data, and most importantly, it allows clinicians to spend more time with patients.

Unparalleled, Reliable Performance

Our redundant scalable servers are built on proven, time tested, highly secured core technology that has provided decades of continuous operation. That means zero downtime. With the longest continually running EHR system since 1983, CliniComp has had virtually no downtime through maintenance, upgrades, and even natural disasters worldwide.

Secure, Layered Protection

Keep your information safe and secure. Our system exceeds the most stringent U.S. government security requirements and is synced with redundant local and remote servers. Its ironclad features have layers of protection, ensuring your data is guarded against exfiltration, while reducing risk of lost or damaged data.


Patient centric. Workflow oriented. User aware.

We work to elevate the healthcare experience for every patient, provider, and hospital worldwide.


Our advanced EHR system was designed for seamless integration across all clinical documentation. It has extensive configurable functionality, so you can customize it depending on your hospital and patient needs. Automate repetitive tasks, minimize errors, meet regulatory demands, and improve complex workflows for the best inpatient, outpatient, and ambulatory care. Configurable in any language.

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We provide pharmacy, radiology, and laboratory systems in one single global management system. From full pharmacy and inventory management to enterprise medical imaging and PACs capabilities, laboratory information, and testing, our integrated technology is built to provide easy, reliable support to physicians.

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Advanced Analytics

Enhance productivity and population management with real-time reporting tools to support better, quicker healthcare decisions. Ensure all analytics are integrated and distributed without disruption, improve workflow with computerized provider order entry, harness AI capabilities, contain costs, manage regulatory compliance, and much more. Access all clinical, operational, and financial information in one single location.

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Professional Services

A trusted and reliable partner at every stage of your system’s life. From implementation to ongoing services, our team provides support and maintenance at every point. We’ll perform regular check-ups to ensure your hospital staff is happy and your system is running smoothly. We customize the system to meet your workflow needs; you won’t have to change your workflow to meet the needs of the system. We also provide training and resources, so you feel confident operating the CliniComp system.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“User-centered design makes CliniComp different. Their solution provides a one-stop shop for everything I need to see and do. I can review massive amounts of data in an intuitive dashboard and generate detailed clinical notation. The responsiveness of the CliniComp team is really outstanding.”

Claibe Yarbrough, M.D. | National Program Director, Chief Pulmonary & Critical Care | VA Central Office

“Extra-ordinary team … It is and continues to be a pleasure to work with the CliniComp ‘A-Team.' ”

Kathy MBA, FAC-P/PM, Lead CIS Coordinator, Veterans Affairs

“In regards to CliniComp as a whole; the application, overall support, contracting, personnel, CliniComp is by far the best vendor I have worked with.”

Kim Harrelson | Biomedical Solutions Nurse, CIS Lead, COR & Project Manager | VISN 9

“CliniComp continues to advance the field of health information technology with its groundbreaking work in transparency, quality, efficiency, and patient-centric care.”

David J. Brailer, MD, PhD, Managing Partner & CEO, Health Evolution Partners

“CliniComp helps us make the best use of the data that’s in our EHR to streamline nursing workflows and improve care. They have been exceedingly responsive to our needs and very attentive to what the nurses are asking for.”

Tanaya Lindstrom, MSN, RN, CNL, CCRN | Qlt. Coord. & EHR Sys. Admin. for Critical Care | VHA N. TX Healthcare System

“CliniComp’s mobile application provides everything a physician/midwife needs to remotely and safely monitor a patient in labor. ”

Mario Cordero, MD, FACOG | O’Connor Hospital

“CliniComp has the ideal model of what a vendor and customer relationship should be like—approachable, available, and goes above the expectations to meet customer needs.”

Nurse at VA Medical Center

“VISN9 has been impressed with the multi-campus configuration which receives recognition for system reliability and zero downtime since first implemented in 2017. CliniComp's system reliability is the best of any vendor throughout the VA. ”

Kim Harrelson, RN | Biomedical Solutions Nurse, CIS Lead, COR & Project Manager | VISN 9

“CliniComp's tracking board displays vital signs and changes, enabling the ED staff to see data in real-time. This significant patient safety improvement has also enhanced physician and nurse satisfaction.”

Troy W. Akers, M.D. | Chief, Department of Emergency and Hyperbaric Medicine

“CliniComp is one of few ICU-CIS vendors that will write interfaces to any device, which enables us to integrate waveforms and other data parameters.”

Steve Rypkema (Ret.) R.N. | Clinical Information Sys. Admin. | Dallas VA Medical Center

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