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Our web-based EHR can include solutions for pharmacy, radiology/PACS, laboratory, and revenue cycle management. It offers clinical documentation for these, as well as microbiology, pathology, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, occupational therapy, peripheral arterial disease, chaplain, and social work. In each case, CliniComp’s solution provides a single global management system for order sets, formularies, financial data, and more. Every service in the system has access to all documented information for analytics and decision support. We can also work with your existing systems or replace them with our alternative functionality.

Pharmacy Information Systems

CliniComp’s solution includes a complete full-featured inpatient pharmacy system. Salient features of the pharmacy management system are:

Formulary Management
  • Central control for system-wide formulary management
  • Powerful drug database system that supports clinical and business decisions
  • Customized rule-based ordering for neonatal, pediatric and adult patient populations
  • Complex ordering capabilities for mixtures, TPNs, PCAs, and protocol-based order sets
  • Embedded support for non-formulary and patients own medications workflows
  • Increase formulary compliance using automated therapeutic substitutions
  • Advanced reporting capabilities (clinical and management)
Inpatient Pharmacy
  • Improve efficiency for pharmacist verification  using custom filtering, priority settings and configurable dual verification capabilities
  • Intelligent dispensing logic based on patient location
  • Increase productivity with medication compounding and repackaging functionality
  • Ability to create customized medication labels
  • Barcoded Medications Administration (BCMA) and MAR messaging to pharmacy
  • Support for Charge on Administration (COA) and Charge on Dispense (COD)
Pharmacy Clinical Decision Support
  • Medication warnings including drug-drug interactions, drug-allergy, drug-dose, drug-disease, pregnancy and lactation warnings
  • Embedded access to clinical drug Information

Laboratory Information System

Our Laboratory Information System (LIS) consists of any combination of the CliniComp LIS, Legacy LIS, and third party service. For example, an IDN may modularly choose the CliniComp LIS for a new installation, the Legacy LIS for an existing site, and a third party service for a rural hospital. Each choice will be seamlessly integrated with CliniComp’s solution. Our Laboratory Information System (LIS) provides:

  • Clinical, microbiology, molecular, and pathology testing
  • Sample tracking and image management
  • Decision-support and analytics

Revenue Cycle Management

When services aren’t captured, hospitals lose revenue. Our charge services product provides accurate and timely capture for supplies, medications, and clinical procedures and services performed within CliniComp’s solution. It’s essential to not only capture all charges from a patient encounter, but to also transmit those charges in a timely manner to integrated and trusted partners for a complete patient accounting solution. A flexible rules-based charge handler will give the system the autonomy it needs to efficiently vet and complete charges, so your patient financial services team can focus on the critical tasks of working with insurers for appropriate payment.

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