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Ancillary Systems

The CliniComp Solution Suite includes pharmacy and laboratory solutions, radiology information systems (RIS), and picture archive communication systems (PACS). We offer clinical documentation for these and microbiology, pathology, role-specific, and disease-specific care management. Every service in the system has access to documented information for analytics and decision support. We can integrate with your existing systems or replace them with our functionality.

Pharmacy Information Solution

CliniComp’s comprehensive, closed-loop inpatient pharmacy information solution streamlines the pharmacy workflow, drives efficiency, decreases medication errors, and ensures regulatory compliance.

  • Our Pharmacy System Administration Tool works with CliniComp’s order entry system to facilitate information transfer, reduce transcription errors, report drug usage, and track costs.
  • Our system supports automatic medication or package selection with built-in rules that assist with selecting the right medication to dispense, after-hours dispensing, streamlining the workflow, minimizing stock-outs and delays, and decreasing medication errors.
  • Our Timed Flag Items module enables pharmacy staff to prioritize and manage the pharmacy workload while reducing waste of high-cost drugs and the risk of oversights or delays.
  • Detailed electronic compounding records streamline the compounding process to enhance accuracy and promote standardized practices for sterile and non-sterile products.
  • Reports enable data-driven decision-making, quality improvement initiatives, patient safety monitoring, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Laboratory Information System

CliniComp provides an exemplary, easy-to-implement Laboratory Information System (LIS) within our Solution Suite. You can use the CliniComp LIS or interface with your legacy LIS. Our LIS allows:

  • Lab order delivery, exceptional data analytics for real-time lab results viewing, interfaced specimen collection options, and blood transfusion workflows.
  • Allows all lab orders (regardless of origin) to be incorporated and returned with discrete results, matching each order request and all updates to the original.
  • Clinical, discrete microbiology, molecular, and anatomic pathology test results.
  • Specimen collection and transfusion workflows.
  • Embedded decision support and analytics.

Radiology Information System and Picture Archive Communication System

CliniComp’s Radiology Information System (RIS) and Picture Archive Communication System (PACS) bring enterprise medical imaging capabilities through any combination of the CliniComp RIS, legacy RIS, or a third-party service. Its imaging technology has unique benefits for the highly connected, patient-centered healthcare delivery network, including:

  • Intelligent visualization, or the ability to view imaging studies using a full-featured viewer with advanced imaging capabilities such as 3D, SUM, multiplanar reconstruction, maximum intensity projection, and interactive segmentation.
  • Utilization management through active alerts to physicians when placing imaging orders to avoid possible redundant testing.
  • Comparison of or access to a patient’s past studies and reports from multiple locations, and the ability to compare a new study with the old.

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