Revenue Cycle Management

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Revenue Cycle Management

The CliniComp Revenue Cycle product suite provides an elegant and practical set of applications for accuracy and efficiency that:

  • Provides an exception-based revenue cycle method by:
    • Automating steps whenever possible, saving users time.
    • Capturing critical data and identifying issues at the source, speeding up claim submission and reimbursement.
  • Delivers robust reporting to monitor revenue cycle key performance indicators from patient access to claims and payments.

Patient Access Services

CliniComp’s simple-to-use features are designed to support all end users within the patient access services arena. From real-time eligibility integration to point-of-service collections and filing authorizations, edit checking, and coverage management, these functions allow staff to work accurately and economically.

For example, one-click eligibility verification during patient registration quickly confirms a patient’s coverage to ensure accurate billing collection.

Charge Capture

CliniComp enables clinical staff to focus on patient care and simplifies clinician-driven charging workflows. CliniComp’s Charge Capture is built to reduce the burden on end users by:

  • Automating and simplifying workflows such as:
    • Dropping charges as clinicians perform and document their work.
    • Modifying charges via behind-the-scenes logic based on payer-specific guidelines.
  • Aligning clinical and back-end charge entry features and processes, improving charge accuracy, communication, and support.

Medical Coding

Designed by medical coding experts, CliniComp’s coding application simplifies the workflow, synchronizes with third-party encoders, and bridges the gap between coding and billing by leveraging a consistent framework. Whether it is the automation of simple coding for diagnostics or streamlining the coding of complex stays, our coding application eases the coder’s job and improves productivity.

Billing and Claims

CliniComp’s automated claims, statements, and payment applications are structured to improve cash flow and productivity by:

  • Identifying and routing necessary edits to the appropriate team for resolution.
  • Unifying the revenue cycle where possible by leveraging consistent tools across services and settings.
  • Eliminating jumps between applications by focusing user tasks via a unified billing account view for key actions and accessing information.

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