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Integrated Clinical Solutions

CliniComp’s solution is the most advanced inpatient, outpatient and ambulatory EHR system on the market. Its applications include clinical documentation, real-time clinical surveillance, telemedicine, worldwide interoperability of diverse systems, and much more. Our true, multi-facility clinical documentation system allows for seamless integration of full patient information, between all encounters, worldwide.

Our care coordination covers the following clinical environments:

Acute & Post-Acute Care

  • MedSurg
  • Telemetry
  • Perinatal / NICU
  • Pediatrics
  • Behavioral Health

Critical Care

Emergency Medicine

Perioperative Care

  • Anesthesia
  • Ambulatory Services
  • Scheduling

Outpatient Clinics

Automate and complete tasks more quickly and efficiently. CliniComp’s solutions help transform your processes, so you can work in a way that’s patient-centric, workflow oriented, and user-aware. Enhance care with capabilities such as an integrated order entry, eMAR, electronic signature and workflow enhancement, task lists, timely clinical alerts, clinical calculations, plan of care, and reference capabilities.

Use information more effectively. A highly configurable platform, CliniComp’s solution helps your organization minimize errors, meet regulatory demands, follow a formulary, and implement clinical protocols through intuitive flowsheets, notes and summary screens, trending and reporting, and remote access. We can connect with these post-acute care systems:

  • PT/OT Rehab Clinics
  • Long Term Care
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Home Health
Computerized Provider Order Entry
Enhanced Patient Safety

Our Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) gives physicians and nurses an advantage. It’s a powerful tool that improves clinical processes and is fully integrated with our advanced technology.

Better Quality

For physicians and all staff providers, our approach to CPOE integrates automated patient charting with all the elements of a true electronic medical record. For patients, CliniComp delivers better care.

Intelligent Ordering

Our CPOE automates and enhances medication and therapy ordering. From order submission to classification, communication, reporting, and results delivery—this OE seamlessly integrates order and results management with pharmacy, radiology, and labs. It maintains rules and alert-driven decision support as it screens orders for adverse interactions, duplication, and other likely errors.

Electronic Medication Administration Record (EMAR)

CliniComp’s EMAR works with clinician documentation systems and all ancillary pharmacy systems to enhance this critical process. Our EMR saves time and effort in maintaining schedules, conducting calculations, monitoring bedside devices, and following formularies.

Acute Care

CliniComp’s solution offers extensive configurable functionality in a variety of care settings. At the point of care, it handles notes, online vitals charting, automatically generated task lists and other time-consuming work. On the back end, it provides a seamless order entry system and data repository, and can exist with or in place of current departmental systems.

Continuity of Data

Improve the way caregivers work in acute settings. Our system offers enterprise-wide functionality including patient registration and chart completion, from emergency to perinatal to critical care, and beyond. Provide better patient care with a continuity of data and efficient coordinated care.

Our solution supports inpatient, outpatient, and ambulatory care settings through documentation tools including treatment planning and discharge summaries. With a fully integrated, computerized order entry system, it automates order submission, classification, communication, and results management and delivery. It screens medication and therapeutic orders for adverse interactions and duplication, and maintains alert-driven decision support.

Our system is highly adept at integrating with other vendor EHRs and HIEs. Through seamless data exchange and integration, CliniComp’s solution is capable of everything from health analytics to predictive modeling. It can interface with laboratory, pharmacy, billing, enterprise data warehouses, prescription data monitoring systems, and state reporting systems for a complete view of patient data.


Our EHR system supports this fast-paced, high volume multidisciplinary patient care environment with seamless documentation display. Manage patient lists and tasks and focus on individualized patient care. Our comprehensive suite of notes, flowsheets, and status boards allows for cross-department communication and consultations. Simplify coordinated care through shared documentation with providers, nurses, nutrition services, social work, and physical therapy. Achieve early intervention with our Early Warning Dashboard that provides real-time clinical surveillance throughout the hospital. Improve outcomes overall with CliniComp’s solutions.


Monitor, interpret and store cardiac waveforms. Patients in this progressive care environment require consistent monitoring without being tethered to bedside monitors. Our solution streams live waveform data and caches it for review and analysis. It displays monitor events in the patient record and plots them on a timeline to show frequency and cues for intervention. It also has embedded e-caliper tools that assist with rhythm interpretation and documentation, storing measurements directly to the patient record.

Perinatal / NICU

CliniComp’s fully integrated perinatal clinical information solution gives physicians and nurses powerful, effective tools to rely on. With an unparalleled record of reliability, Perinatal has broad, deep, clinical functionality that serves all acute care settings throughout hospitals.

Reliable Performance. Enhanced Productivity.

Labor and delivery, postpartum, NICU, and other perinatal departments place special demands on clinical documentation and medical records systems. Physicians and nurses rely on the presentation of a comprehensive set of real-time data. They need configurable systems that adapt and interact with multiple medical device types to access key clinical data, anytime. Our system can be counted on to meet their needs, when they need it.

Fetal Surveillance. Maternal Monitoring.

As part of CliniComp’s perinatal system, the Fetal Monitor Remote Display with Smart Alerts (FMRDSA) displays multiple patients’ fetal information simultaneously, in real-time from a central station. It captures and archives fetal and maternal traces. Visual and audible alarms for tachycardia, bradycardia, and a lack of detection of fetal heart rate are available for immediate notification.

Our Perinatal mobile app enables obstetricians and other labor and delivery clinicians to securely and remotely evaluate a maternal/fetal chart, and take immediate on-site action. These critical benefits, along with the dual capability of reading and entering data, can significantly enhance patient safety and clinician quality of life, all from the palm of your hand.


Precision is key when managing care for neonates, infants, and children. CliniComp’s solution provides specialized documentation tools to ensure the delivery of safe and effective care to this vulnerable patient population. Our system safeguards with specialized drug databases to ensure accurate dosing at the point of order entry. Patient weight is a key data point for this population, and with a single entry, our system auto-generates growth plots, emergency drug sheets, and medication administration calculations.

Behavioral Health

CliniComp’s solution provides the highest levels of security. Its built-in tools help you carefully manage sensitive patient records. Control access to restricted units and records easily and securely. Our audit tools allow you to review patient record access in real-time. Its specialized treatment and care plan documentation displays patient participation in and progress with specialized therapeutic modalities.

Critical Care

At CliniComp, we understand the complex demands of critical care. Our EHR system is always available, and accommodates for workflows with charting and ordering tools with continuity of data. It allows instant and remote access to all patient data all the time. And implements efficiently with little disruption.

The ICU healthcare environment is known for its complex charting, intricate calculations, and hundreds of types of devices including ventilators, pumps, and monitors. Clinical documentation is just the beginning. We’ve built interfaces to hundreds of medical parameters. CliniComp’s Critical Care solution brings data types together, spanning critical care environments from neonatal through adult populations, to form the backbone of the electronic health record.

Emergency Medicine

CliniComp’s Emergency Department (ED) solution provides comprehensive clinical documentation support for emergency departments of all sizes. Our solution extends the continuity of care to the front door of the hospital. It has a highly configurable patient tracking and charting solution that can easily integrate with an existing HIS and ancillary system. Offering team charting from triage to disposition, it also delivers a comprehensive record with centralized multi-unit workflow management—a function vital to ED operations. CliniComp’s ED solution can stand alone or be seamlessly integrated with our enterprise EHR. It includes:

  • Patient Tracking Boards
  • Flowsheets (Vitals, Neuro, I&O, Lab. MAR)
  • Medical Record Notes
  • Computerized Provider Order Entry
  • Summary Views (Lab Review, Cardiac, Clinical)
  • Integrated Encounter Sharing
  • Report Manager
Centralized Management of Patient Information

CliniComp offers a dynamic ED dashboard that is updated via direct entry from flowsheet documentation and ancillary systems. It maintains a real-time pulse on the location and status of all your patients. From the dashboard, users are never more than a click away from the electronic health record with convenient direct access to any flowsheet, nursing assessment, progress and disposition note, summary screen, reports, or past medical records.

Continuity of Care

CliniComp’s ED solution can stand alone and, unlike most ED information systems, it does not require third-party documentation systems for sharing patient encounter data between hospital departments. For example, as part of CliniComp’s critical care or enterprise-wide deployment, ED patient data recorded in CliniComp’s ED system is readily accessible by ICU caregivers. Moreover, when boarding a critical care patient in the ED, caregivers can switch to the critical care module within CliniComp’s solution to chart a critical care patient encounter. Our database provides pre-scripted and requested reports generated against all patient encounters. It’s updated on demand in real time from transactions in our applications and is normalized for future needs.

Real-Time Reporting

Our solution offers a robust set of canned real-time reports that help track key performance indicators for the ER setting. These reports normalize and display charted data, and include analysis for ED key performance indicators, ORYX measures, and metrics such as average times for triage and provider visits. They can display as tables of data, or graphical images to highlight surge times and assist with staffing, bed management, and overall throughput.

Flowsheet and Notes Design

CliniComp’s ED system brings together its expertise in flowsheet and progress note functionality throughout the hospital to the emergency department. It organizes content to meet physician charting flow specifications, and allows for images to be scanned into the chart. Its integrated, configurable flowsheets include vital signs, neuro, MAR, I&O, labs, and more. From the triage note to the discharge note, the continuity of the templated ED medical record builds. This creates a comprehensive summary simplified by convenient, configurable choice lists.

Integrated Provider Order Entry

Effectively manage the entry, classification, screening, and review of medication and therapeutic orders to identify prior adverse reactions, potential interactions with other drugs or foods, and duplicated orders or therapies. Integrated with clinical documentation, CliniComp’s solution automatically transfers orders to flowsheets for charting, as appropriate.


Completely automate and manage your medication delivery process, populated directly from order entry and pharmacy systems. It includes medication management and drug cabinet controls as well.

Perioperative Care

CliniComp’s solution is ideal for managing complex, critical care and anesthesia programs. Our Perioperative Workflow Solution collects, integrates, displays, and stores essential clinical patient information, in critical care and operative care areas. It includes anesthesia information system, ambulatory services, and scheduling.

Anesthesia Information System

Our Anesthesia Information System is a complete, integrated suite with relevant consents and tools for all phases of anesthesia. It delivers precise, automatic, timed interval documentation from external monitoring and treatment devices, including anesthesia delivery machines, ECGs, vital sign monitors and other vital measurement tools. It reduces duplicate charting by auto-populating data from other integrated software components, and has a high level of auto-documentation, leaving more time for clinicians to focus on the patient.

Its highly intuitive charting and logical layout was designed to fit into your workflow. It includes shortcuts that substantially reduce the number of steps to complete required documentation, and both standard and customizable reminders for critical timed actions needed throughout the operative period. Ensure compliance with national quality initiatives, through corresponding reporting data that can be used for research, quality assurance, and analytics. It also provides a detailed handoff note for the post-operative care provider, and a comprehensive report with timed data, actions, assessments, events, and outcomes from the operative period.

Ambulatory Services

We provide an Operating Room Workflow Solution that displays patient progress through the perioperative process. It provides configurations that are site-specific such as for the OR desk, the family waiting room, or the surgery suite. This solution also includes an analytics engine for review, analysis, and reporting of pre-operative, surgical, and post-operative data and events (e.g., start and stop times, anesthesia times, OR turnaround times, OR utilization, OR out-of-block utilization, and surgeon/anesthesiologist arrival times). It’s configurable for surgery-specific workflows, and can collect required data for reporting to regulatory agencies such as the Surgical Complication Improvement Project and the VA’s National Surgical Quality Improvement Project.


Our scheduling module supports ambulatory appointments to complex surgery cases. Functionality common to both types of scheduling includes:

  • Quick registration
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Internal messaging including notifications, alerts, and reminders to users and patients
  • Search patient functionality to see previous and upcoming patient encounters, appointments, orders, and referrals
  • Real-time reminder updates
  • Multiple ways to send reminders to patients
  • Configurable worklists to manage workflow
  • Calendars that can be sorted and filtered based on key information (patient, date, room, location, provider, event type, etc.) They can also be emailed, faxed, or printed.
  • Reporting functionality (real-time, retrospective, or prospective, with the additional capability of ad hoc reports)
  • Administrative functions for defining schedule resources (surgeon, equipment, rooms), provider block times, provider availability, room availability, location availability, procedure types, and configured but adjustable time intervals by visit type
  • Printing functionality for calendars, patient labels, daily schedules, pick lists, preference cards, etc.

Functionality for surgery cases also includes:

  • Pick lists (attached to scheduled event and linked to materials management)
  • Preference cards (attached to scheduled event). These can be uploaded, modified, and printed.
  • Calendar that is aware of each surgeon’s block schedule

Functionality for other appointments also includes:

  • Patient self-scheduling ability for a configurable list of appointment types via the patient portal
  • Interfaces for patient portals, with materials management software, and with a surgeon’s or provider’s schedule
  • Provider-specific scheduling templates (for example, hours and block times at a clinic). These accommodate for various types of scheduling. Includes time-specified stream scheduling, wave and modified wave scheduling, double and open booking, and clustered or categorization scheduling.

Outpatient Clinics

Automate repetitive tasks for quicker, more effective outcomes with our fully integrated clinical documentation and intelligent data access with ancillaries. We have specialized, developed modules for obstetric clinics and inpatient and outpatient dialysis clinics. CliniComp’s solution includes data acquisition of available parameters, waveforms, and other data available from hundreds of medical devices including dialysis machines, fetal monitors, ventilators, physiological monitors and other bedside equipment. Our EHR references and automates all previous outpatient and inpatient visits to provide a complete view of a patient’s medical life story, for better clinical assessment and care coordination. By viewing a patient’s history of encounters, providers can easily manage their status and upcoming visits.

Our EHR system functionality includes the ability to identify and maintain a patient record and manage all patient information, including demographics, problem lists, medication lists, patient history, clinical documents, and notes. For Outpatient Clinics, we use the same base functionality as Ambulatory Care, including the following:

  • Manage patient demographic, problem lists, medication lists, patient history, clinical documents, and notes
  • Capture external clinical documents
  • Present and manage guidelines, protocols, and patient-specific care plans
  • Clinical task assignment and routing, linking, tracking, and task timeliness tracking
  • Inter-provider, pharmacy, and provider to patient or family communication
  • Patient, family, and caregiver education
  • Workflow management

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