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Integrated Clinical Solutions

Bring back the joy of delivering patient care with an electronic health record (EHR) Solution Suite that efficiently follows your workflow, is intuitive to use, and eases the burden of clinical decision-making. The heart of our CliniComp Solution Suite is a human-centered design because we build our products in partnership with clinicians to deliver next-generation solutions that save you time and let you focus on patient care. We provide system continuity and inclusive medical device integration across the healthcare organization using modern technology to apply best practices and automation to support a seamless experience.

  • Advanced EHR across inpatient, ancillary, and ambulatory services.
  • Provides clinical documentation, real-time clinical surveillance, telemedicine, worldwide interoperability of diverse systems, and more.
  • Allows seamless and complete patient information between all encounters worldwide.

Clinical Decision Support

Complete information is only helpful if it’s easy to discern the most essential information necessary to make clinical decisions. That’s why our configurable system design and workflow leverage less cluttered screens, highlighting the most valuable and strategic information suited to your needs and providing necessary alerts to limit interruption.

See how CliniComp Collaborated with Dallas VA Medical Center to Develop COVID-19 Monitoring, Surveillance, and Tracking Solutions Deployed at 42 VA Hospitals.

Powerful Real-Time Alerts and Clinical Surveillance

Due to our underlying architecture and real-time alerts, healthcare providers:

  • Can efficiently monitor patients across an acute facility or healthcare system within a single view.
  • Are notified of immediate changes in patient conditions.

Our configurable real-time alerts feature:

  • Organizes patient records by department or location into various dashboards and applies visual color changes to data using site-defined limits.
  • Allows remote, real-time care documentation for efficient provider review and telemedicine tools for specialists remotely monitoring a community.

Medical Device Integration

CliniComp’s all-inclusive Data Acquisition System (DAS) products (wired and wireless) efficiently receive, manage, display, and transmit current and past information from various manufacturer-supported medical devices without purchasing third-party data acquisition systems.

  • DAS interfaces acquire waveforms, parameters, settings, and more.
  • Devices include, but are not limited to, physiological and fetal monitors, ventilators, infusion and balloon pumps, dialysis and anesthesia devices, and cardiac output.
  • Use this data to display clinical information meaningfully, enabling real-time surveillance and automated charting, reducing time, and freeing clinicians to focus on patient care.

Our clinical decision support and device integration automates data capture in all clinical environments.

See how CliniComp worked with the VA to install the wireless DAS in Texas.

System-Wide Functionality

  • Our fully integrated Order Entry system increases the ease and speed of ordering and automates status updates as pharmacy, radiology, and lab results are revised.
  • Each CliniComp flowsheet is logically laid out and designed to match your workflow and simplify charting, with data entry shortcuts that reduce the steps and time to complete documentation.
  • CliniComp’s Barcode Medication Administration (BCMA) mobile device application running on iOS or Android enables clinical staff to electronically verify patients and their medications and administer them for safe practice and use in clinical environments requiring administration flexibility.
  • The CliniComp Notes application supports multidisciplinary documentation that travels seamlessly with the patient through different care environments.
  • CliniComp’s Telemedicine solution offers healthcare professionals remote real-time access to the complete electronic patient record, patient status alerts, streaming waveforms, and complex lab data to leverage critical resources across multiple sites or clinical environments.
  • Our scheduling module supports ambulatory appointments to complex surgery cases.

Acute Care

CliniComp’s solution offers extensive configurable functionality for various care settings. At the point of care, caregivers can more efficiently handle notes, vitals charting, automatically generated task lists, and other time-consuming work. On the back end, our solution provides an uninterrupted order entry system and data repository that exists with or in place of current departmental systems.

Data Continuity

  • Improves caregiver communication with enterprise-wide functionality from emergency to perinatal to critical care and beyond.
  • Provides workflow efficiency for coordinated patient care.
  • Integrates with other vendors’ products, Health Information Exchanges, and external systems for a complete view of patient data.


We support fast-paced, high-volume, multidisciplinary MedSurg environments with a logical documentation display and comprehensive notes, flowsheets, and dashboards for cross-department communication and consultations.

  • Simplify coordinated care via online documentation shared with providers, nurses, nutrition services, social workers, physical therapists, and more.
  • Achieve early intervention with our Early Warning Dashboard that provides real-time clinical surveillance and improved outcomes throughout the hospital.

Cardiac Monitoring

Monitor and store interpreted cardiac waveforms in any clinical environment without being tethered to bedside monitors, third-party products, central stations, or printed tracings.

  • Stream live waveform data from physiologic monitoring devices for review, analysis, and permanent storage in our Waves application.
  • Display monitor events in the record, plotted on a timeline to show frequency.
  • Use embedded e-caliper tools to capture, analyze, measure intervals, document, and store rhythm interpretation — contributing to a comprehensive electronic record of the patient’s cardiac status.


Precision is vital when managing care for neonates, infants, and children. CliniComp’s solution provides specialized documentation tools to ensure the delivery of safe and effective care to this vulnerable patient population. Our system safeguards include:

  • Specialized drug databases to ensure accurate dosing.
  • Growth curves and plots.
  • Order entry weight warnings and medication administration calculations.
  • Emergency drug sheets.


CliniComp’s fully integrated perinatal/neonatal solution gives physicians and nurses powerful, practical tools to enhance productivity. With an unparalleled record of reliability, our solution has broad, thorough clinical functionality that serves all acute care settings throughout hospitals.

Maternal Fetal Monitoring

A part of CliniComp’s perinatal system, our Food and Drug Administration cleared Fetal Monitor Remote Display with Smart Alerts simultaneously displays multiple patients’ fetal information in real-time at a central station, multiple stations, break rooms, or any location you wish to monitor.

  • Captures and archives complete fetal and maternal monitoring.
  • Immediately notifies caregivers and providers using visual and audible alarms for fetal tachycardia, bradycardia, and when a fetal heart rate is not detected.
  • Allows users to add maternal data or annotate the fetal strip to maintain the maternal and fetal tracing within the patient record.

Our perinatal mobile application enables labor and delivery clinicians to remotely evaluate a laboring patient, enter annotations on the tracing, or communicate with bedside clinical staff from their mobile devices.

Behavioral Health

CliniComp’s solution provides the highest levels of security, with built-in tools to help you carefully manage sensitive patient records and efficiently control access to restricted units and records.

  • Audit tools allow you to review patient record access in real time.
  • Specialized treatment and multidisciplinary care plan documentation display patient participation in and progress with specialized therapeutic modalities.

Critical Care

CliniComp’s Solution Suite is always available and accommodates the complex demands of critical care. Our charting and ordering tools provide data continuity with the following:

  • Calculations and device integration with hundreds of devices, including ventilators, pumps, and monitors, optimizing clinical documentation.
  • Remote access to patient data across all environments to ensure efficient care coordination with no disruption.

Read the Waves. Application and ECG Tools Case Study

Emergency Department

CliniComp’s Emergency Department (ED) solution provides comprehensive clinical documentation support for EDs of all sizes. It can stand alone or seamlessly integrate with our enterprise Solution Suite or an existing health information or ancillary system.

  • Offers patient tracking and team charting from triage to disposition for a real-time pulse on the location and status of all patients.
  • Delivers a comprehensive record with centralized, multiunit workflow management — vital to ED operations.
  • From the ED Dashboard, users are never more than a click away from any flowsheet, nursing assessment, progress or disposition note, summary screen, reports, actionable insight, or past medical records.

Unlike many ED information systems, CliniComp’s solution does not require a third-party documentation system to share patient encounter data across departments.

  • Patient data recorded in the ED system is readily accessible by ICU caregivers.
  • If a critical care patient is held in the ED, caregivers can switch the CliniComp system to the critical care environment to chart a critical care encounter.

Perioperative Care

CliniComp’s solution is ideal for managing complex care throughout all perioperative stages, including scheduling and anesthesia care. Our Perioperative workflow solution collects, interfaces, displays, and stores essential clinical patient information in critical and operative care areas.

Operating Room

Our Operating Room (OR) workflow solution displays patient progress throughout the perioperative process and includes:

  • Site-specific configurations for the OR desk, family waiting room, or surgery suite.
  • An analytics engine for review, analysis, and reporting of pre-operative, surgical, and post-operative data and events (e.g., start and stop times, anesthesia times, OR turnaround times, OR utilization, OR out-of-block utilization, and surgeon/anesthesiologist arrival times).
  • Configurable for surgery-specific workflows to collect the required data for reporting to regulatory agencies.


Our Solution Suite references and automates all previous ambulatory and inpatient visits to provide a complete view of a patient’s medical history for better clinical assessment and care coordination.

Our ambulatory environments use our core applications, including:

  • Longitudinal records with patient demographics, problem lists, medication lists, medical history, clinical documents, and notes.
  • Capturing external clinical documents.
  • Presenting and managing guidelines, protocols, and patient-specific care plans.
  • Clinical task assignment and routing, linking, and tracking.
  • Inter-provider, pharmacy, and provider-to-patient or family communication.
  • Patient, family, and caregiver education.
  • Workflow management.
  • Data acquisition of waveforms and other available parameters from hundreds of medical devices.

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