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Peace of Mind Support

We listen to your challenges and provide innovative solutions, alleviating the burden of implementation and sustainment. We do the heavy lifting to prepare your facility and support change management efforts. With our turnkey support, we take responsibility for all aspects of your system from configuration and testing to installation, training, optimization, maintenance, and continuous system monitoring.

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We provide stability with a proven track record through the decades. When our customers experienced the following historical disasters, they had no loss of operation or data.

90’s: When there was a power outage at our San Diego hospital customer site, our server was the only one blinking in the server room. Our UPS’s could have powered up all of San Diego.

2001: When 9/11 shook the world, our system at a hospital in New York City continued running, never going down or losing data.

2003: And again during the Northeast blackout, our system at a New York City hospital never went down or lost any data.

2011: During the catastrophic Japanese tsunami, our installations at four hospitals remained functioning with no loss of data. Within hours, we successfully engineered a way to securely transfer patient data to a U.S. hospital in case of evacuation.

2012: When Hurricane Sandy hit New York City and New Jersey, our system at at a New York City hospital remained up even as the hospital flooded until evacuation.


Drive value throughout your facility and healthcare system with implementation in months, not years. We take on the role of your strategic partner, creating value by lowering costs and generating ideas and innovations. Our consultative services include assisting with change management; evaluating current and future state workflows; conducting gap analysis; identifying streamlined processes and procedures; and introducing automation and workflow for efficiencies. You’ll have a dedicated account team at your disposal for your entire customer lifecycle. We take pride in being a trusted and reliable partner. With built-in systems and resources, open communications, information sharing, traceability, and flexibility, we respond to the unexpected.

Account and Project Management

For a complex project with multiple interdependencies, you need a strong management approach. Our Program Management Office (PMO) ensures every phase of implementation is performed accurately, on time, and in compliance with your requirements. It effectively manages project risk by creating an integrated command and control structure, which leads and coordinates all participants and maintains a global perspective on all issues. Our project team uses the PMO to coordinate and control all phases of implementation. A key component of our management approach is collaboration among our project team and customer project team. The CliniComp account manager will act as the single point of contact for your facility and will work with you to address day-to-day activities related to the project throughout our partnership.

Configuration Management

Configuration Management (CM) helps to ensure the integrity of the product is preserved, through discipline, control of product creation, and modification processes. As part of your dedicated account team, we assign a clinical analyst and systems analyst to provide in-depth knowledge of the application, best practices, configuration, and workflows. Our team partners with you to validate and test configuration customizations to ensure the configuration requirements meet your expectations and needs.

Hardware and Installation Services

As a turnkey solution, we own and manage all hardware components required for installation, repair, and replacement. We will conduct an initial functional site survey to evaluate hardware requirements and installation readiness, including networks, communications, and infrastructure. We will then manage all ordering, shipping, installation, and configuration of systems when required.


We’re there when you need us and even when you don’t. Our focus is on continuously enhancing client value and satisfaction. We take proactive measures to ensure your system runs smoothly without negatively impacting operations. So your end users have the tools they need to focus on patient care.

CliniComp is structured to ensure all customers have direct access to support personnel that serve as application subject matter experts, 24/7. This proactive monitoring program is one of the most unique in the industry. Our mission critical solution suite of applications ensures continuous availability with virtually no scheduled or unscheduled downtime.

We investigate and resolve matters related to quality assurance, system change requests, usability issues, technical support, and device integration, and we coordinate with additional business partners as needed. We create implementation and support plans for new technical solutions and manage all phases of client development, including customer engagement, quotes, demonstrations, and problem resolution. We let you know when newly released products and functionalities become available, so you can continue providing the best patient care.

CliniComp is structured to ensure all customers have direct access to support personnel that serve as application subject matter experts, 24/7.


Get access to the right knowledge, at the right time. We partner with you to develop a custom training plan tailored to your facility’s needs, with flexible, results-oriented strategies to accommodate ever-changing business requirements. We use an outcomes-based education methodology, with training expectations defined to successfully go live. With the growing trend of agile-based delivery, it’s imperative to align learning with attributes, such as just-in-time training, skill-based training, and adaptive support.

Just-In-Time Training

We provide over-the-shoulder support and training to be received immediately, prior to going live. This ensures you retain and readily retrieve the information you need as you begin using the system.

Role-Based Training

We customize training for your team’s specialized skill sets. We offer provider training, nursing training, ancillary training, coders, RT, and more. Learn how to use the system in a way that is specific to your workflow and needs.

Adaptive Support Training

We customize a training strategy and approach for your healthcare system, facility, and user population. And we make real-time improvements based on your feedback. This flexible service also allows us to transition from in-person to virtual training, seamlessly.

Ongoing Services and Improvement

Post implementation, we help you optimize and evaluate current system configurations to include data acquisition, system configuration, and clinical workflow. This allows you to enhance your use of system capabilities and integrations for new features and functionalities as they become available. We’re passionate about enhancing our products to improve patient care, outcomes, and operational efficiencies.

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