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CliniComp provides key professional services essential for a successful EHR implementation, helping healthcare organizations leverage the full potential of their EHR system while ensuring a smooth transition for staff and patients. With CliniComp’s System-as-a-Service (SYaaS) model, we are responsible for all aspects of your CliniComp system, including implementation, optimization, and continuous monitoring of the redundant system for guaranteed reliability and uninterrupted performance.

  • Implementation in months, not years.
  • 24/7 ongoing, lifetime support by a dedicated CliniComp team.
  • All system fixes, upgrades, and enhancements.
  • Significantly reduces the facility resources needed to maintain the system.


We tailor our multidisciplinary installations, configurations, and training to meet your timelines and achieve and maintain optimal system use. Swift but thorough, we include:

  • Program management to oversee the entire implementation process and stakeholder engagement.
  • Complete hardware installation and maintenance of all CliniComp products, including current and future medical device interfaces.
  • Workflow workshops conducted by our Clinical Analysts with your departments to review current and future workflows, identify inefficiencies, and optimize processes, ensuring that the CliniComp Solution Suite enhances rather than hinders daily operations.
  • Technical experts configure the system to match your preferences and accommodate ongoing workflow changes and regulatory requirements.
  • Change management professionals help manage the cultural and organizational shifts associated with adopting a new EHR system.
  • Quality assurance specialists conduct rigorous testing of the CliniComp Solution Suite.
  • Go-live and over-the-shoulder support ensures real-time help is available to your users and drives system adoption and satisfaction.


Our clinician-led training is outcomes-based and role- and workflow-oriented, focusing on your users. The multi-phased training is effective because it is designed and delivered by clinicians for clinicians.

  • In-person, virtual (instructor-led or self-paced), and hybrid training options.
  • Ongoing education for end users, super users, system administrators, and trainers.
  • Training on new features and any changes to your workflow to ensure optimal use of the CliniComp system.

Read our case study on Virtual End-User Training & Go-Live the CliniComp Solution Suite in the Wake of COVID-19.


CliniComp’s proactive support measures ensure your mission-critical system runs smoothly without impacting clinical operations.

  • A dedicated account team works with your organization to fine-tune the CliniComp Solution Suite based on user feedback and evolving needs.
  • Unlimited 24/7 support with access to subject matter experts.
  • Investigation and coordination with additional business partners.
  • Our model continuously ensures and certifies that the equipment CliniComp provides is appropriately maintained by repairing and replacing parts as needed.
  • CliniComp’s continuous, proactive system monitoring is unique in the industry.
  • Regular security patches and routine system maintenance to protect patient information.

System Optimization

Based on customer feedback and needs, we partner with you to develop new features and technical solutions to deliver value in improving patient care and organization efficiency, including:

  • Continuous system optimization of all CliniComp products.
  • Incorporation of new functionality and data without disruption to the overall system.
  • Ongoing training and education programs for users to improve their proficiency and share best practices.
  • Evaluation and enhancement of interoperability capabilities to facilitate seamless data exchange with other systems and healthcare organizations.
  • Ongoing development and improvement of reporting and analytics capabilities in the CliniComp Solution Suite.
  • Optimization visits to gather user feedback and provide dedicated support services to address user needs.

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