Advanced Analytics

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Advanced Analytics

Our advanced analytics exist across a single site or healthcare enterprise, providing access to all patient data for a lifetime clinical record. Built on our modern architectural platform that’s both scalable and adaptable, these solutions will free you from the burden of incomplete data—so you can focus on providing the best patient care. The CliniComp Solution Suite provides reporting tools and powerful real-time alerts for clinical surveillance.

Real-Time Reporting

The CliniComp reporting solution offers robust real-time reports across all current and historical data. Ensure compliance with national quality initiatives, research, quality assurance, and analytic needs with our reporting data. These reports display:

  • Charted data and analysis for key performance indicators, quality measures, and metrics such as average times for triage, provider visits, and much more.
  • Data in tables or graphs highlighting surge times for staffing, bed management, and overall throughput.

CliniComp Data Repository

Our robust reporting solution uses current or historical data across a single site or healthcare system. CliniComp’s user-friendly design templates support point-and-click report development and basic Structured Query Language knowledge to access our Clinical Concept Objects (CCO) library. The CCO library is for professional report writers using an off-the-shelf report product to mine your data. Data is available in CCO core data sets like patient demographics, vitals,  medications, etc., as well as additional complex preconfigured report elements for real-time reports that are modifiable as needed (perinatal, emergency, clinical quality measures). 

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