CliniComp, Intl.’s software is protected by patents in the U.S.A and elsewhere. Features and functionality of the CliniComp, Intl. software are protected by the following United States patents:

  • No. 7,509,280 B1
  • No. 8,386,442 B2
  • No. 8,549,026 B2
  • No. 8,688,649 B2
  • No. 10,176,204 B2
  • Other patents pending

And the following international patents:

  • Australia Patent No. 2011313859
  • Australia Patent No. 2016208370
  • Canada Patent No. 2814328
  • China Patent No. ZL201180057295.0
  • Hong Kong No. HK1187996
  • Japan Patent No. 5700597
  • Japan Patent No. 6218288
  • Mexico Patent No. 331389
  • South Korea Patent No. 10-1486685
  • Other worldwide patents pending

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