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EHR Implementation in Months, Not Years

We understand your needs and are here to help. With our partnership approach, we minimize the EHR time to implement in months, not years. Our dedicated team of subject matter experts are an extension of your team responsible for building, training, maintaining & optimizing while provide ongoing round-the-clock support resulting in successful adoption and user satisfaction.

We prioritize a human-centered approach, leveraging technology to enhance healthcare IT solutions that alleviate technical concerns and significantly reduce costs. We take pride in our government-tested secure modern technology, which allows for seamless updates and enhancements. You can trust that your software will always be up-to-date and equipped with the latest features. Our commitment to support goes beyond the implementation phase. Our team is 24/7 behind the scenes and our system offers constant availability and resiliency with no planned downtime – as it should be!

Simplifying EHR Solutions for Clinicians

We understand the importance of providing clinicians with a system that is not only easy to implement but also easy to use. Our goal is to empower clinicians to focus on delivering safe and effective care without the burden of complex technology. With our partnership approach we prioritize efficient implementation, ensuring that your EHR system is up and running in a matter of months, not years. Say goodbye to excessive and resource-intensive training sessions for your staff.

Our success lies in building trust with our customers. That’s why we provide you with a dedicated clinical and technical team that takes the time to become experts on your specific policies, procedures, and workflows. By shouldering the heavy lifting, we allow you to focus on what matters most: patient care. Our EHR system features intuitive workflows that are user-friendly and easy to learn. Leave behind confusing interfaces and welcome a seamless adoption process that empowers clinicians to navigate the system with confidence.

Save Time, Save Money

Streamlining operations and reducing costs are key priorities for healthcare business leaders. They need an EHR system that lowers labor costs and alleviates the transitional burden on existing clinical and IT resources.

CliniComp understands the challenges faced by healthcare business leaders and we are here to help. Our System-as-a-Service (SYaaS) model includes hardware, software & ongoing 24/7 support services providing a partnership approach for successful adoption and user satisfaction while significantly lowering costs. Our track record speaks for itself. From a rapid implementation process with no reduction in productivity and revenue when going live to teams that know you through the lifetime of the system. We deliver on our promises, so you see improvements and outcomes from day one.

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