EHI Data Export Details

In our dedication to ensuring compatibility and interoperability, we offer patient information in standardized formats for exporting electronic health records under the 170.315 (b)(10) regulation.  

Clinical documents formatted to the HL7 Consolidated Clinical Data Architecture (CCDA) standard are XML files that contain structured and unstructured patient data and can be used to support health information exchange with other EHR systems. CCDA documents can be formatted according to various document templates, such as the Continuity of Care (CCD) document template.  The C-CDA files may consist of the following sections:

Admission Diagnosis Encounter Data Implantable Devices Problems Social History
Allergies Discharge Medications Immunization Procedures Smoking Status
Assessment Hospital Discharge Instructions Functional Status Plan of Care Reason for Referral
Care Team Health Concerns Reason for Referral Medications Vital Signs
Cognitive Status Goals Results Laboratory Tests Payers

Customers can choose to export EHI datasets for a single patient, or all patients within the selected time range.

Export Formats for Single & Multiple Patients

  • The electronic file is generated in CCDA version 1.0 Extensible Markup Language (XML) format that is both a computable and a human-readable format.
  • EHI can be exported in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) or web page format.
  • FHIR server creates a single-patient FHIR resource Document Reference and supports FHIR Bulk Data EHI Export for patient population as described in § 170.315(b)(10)(ii).
  • FHIR server supports bulk data export downloads in C-CDA 2.1 XML format.

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