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Watch the HITshow exclusive interview with Sandra Johnson, SVP Client Services at CliniComp

🎬 Exciting Update from HIMSS24! 🎬
🌟 Watch the HITshow exclusive interview with Sandra Johnson, SVP Client Services at CliniComp, as she unveils the latest innovations from the EHR provider. Discover how CliniComp is transforming the healthcare industry with their exciting new era EHR solution suite!
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👩‍⚕️ Sandra shares insights into CliniComp’s rich history, highlighting decades of success in the federal marketplace with their renowned inpatient solution. “We’re returning to our roots in the commercial marketplace, offering a comprehensive EHR solution suite tailored to meet the needs of healthcare entities of all sizes.”
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🏥 CliniComp’s full-service EHR suite is a game-changer. Sandra emphasizes, “All professional services necessary for seamless implementation, maintenance and optimization—are included without any extra cost.”
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📈 Addressing usability challenges head-on, Sandra discusses how CliniComp prioritizes clinician input. “Our system is meticulously designed and developed by clinicians, ensuring that end users remain at the forefront of every development phase,” Sanda adds.
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🔍 Sandra highlights CliniComp’s commitment to providing clinicians with tools that streamline workflows and enhance patient care, freeing them HealthcareTechnology CliniCompJourney PatientCare

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